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Tag: Writing Apps

Unlike 20 or 10 years ago, writing in 2018 is largely a very comfortable and easy going task depending on how well you can deploy tools available. You no longer have to travel halfway across the world for research or scour tons of dusty encyclopedias to get the material you need. You even don’t have to write with a pen or type on a keyboard, there is a tool for converting your dictation to text. A book that would have taken 3 years to write in 1998 can take 3 months to write in 2018. Here are some of the writing tools you should be using to become a better and faster writer.

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

Consistency is a highly desirable trait in a blogger. It keeps your readers on a habit of taking a regular dose of whatever you blog on. But every writer will suffer writer’s block every now and then. This is where Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator comes in. you feed it a keyword and it suggests blog topics you can write about.


Book authors rarely have a book idea in one clear swoop. It will come in disjointed ideas that will gradually be joined together to make a coherent plot and sub-plots. You no longer have to use messy post-it-notes to keep track of your ideas. Freemind helps you map these ideas into coherent thoughts.


While the internet has made it easy to do writing research, it can get overwhelming if you keep saving web pages in folders. Pocket makes your research more organized. You save articles and pages that you find interesting on the web. You can tag them according to research topics. Pocket will integrate with your browser making your research a breeze.


How often do you find yourself checking up on what is happening on Facebook as your mind wanders from what you were doing? Some writers deal with distractions by working in the quietest room they can find, and disconnecting the web. But you don’t have to be so drastic. FocusWriter transforms your desktop into a bare writing pad by hiding all other apps. You set timers and alarms so that your flow is uninterrupted.


For creatives who like to write on the go, Evernote is the best companion app. It syncs all your writing on different platforms; mobile, desktop and the cloud. You can write from wherever you want; on the bus, during work breaks, on the bus and it will all come together seamlessly.

What is your favourite writing app in 2018?