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Tag: Writing and Business

Writing a blog is a digital art form that has gained increased traction in the enterprise space over the years. With business environment more competitive and more demanding than ever before, it comes as no surprise that blogging is the preferred choice for giving your business an added edge over the competition. And for good reason. Right off the bat, a study conducted by the research unit of Bloomberg established that over 60% of businesses experienced a surge in sales and footfall after writing a blog.

If you are a grounded and old-fashion entrepreneur who thinks blogging isn’t necessary, here are 5 reasons that’ll make you rethink your online business approach.

SEO Is the Name of the Game

Gone are the days when static websites were a norm. Today, you need to create search optimized content to drive more traffic to your website. And, that is why writing a blog has become indispensable. It allows you to infuse focus keywords into your blog posts. This way, you can improve your organic ranking on the leading search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on.

Harness the Power of the Entire Workforce

Companies like HubSpot, a Boston-based social media firm, allow all their employees to contribute via blogs. This way, everyone’s voice can be heard, creating a sense of teamwork and collaboration. The allure of blogs lies in their variety and substance of the content, but it’s also a numbers game. The more blog posts you churn out, the higher the traffic your website will garner.

Writing Is Fun

Believe it or not, writing a blog can be fun. A lot of fun. With it, you can go down the casual road, ditching those technical terms and business jargon. Also, blogging offers you a chance to keep your creative juices flowing. You can interact, stimulate, and inspire your readers. Of course, your main aim is to convert traffic into business leads and sales.

Become Trustworthy

In the business world, trust is certainly a game-changer. So, how can you become a trust agent to your customers? For one, writing a blog gives you an opportunity to offer pieces of advice, tips, and practical ideas. Your blog should elicit consumer’s point of view, not yours.

Blogs Post Are Shareable — Get Viral Content for your Website

With social media commanding huge following, people need fresh and resourceful content to share with their friends and colleagues. Blogging offers you a chance to establish your authority. Of course, you are the best person to give advice and knowledge about your products and services. So, blog about them and share across social media platforms.