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Category: Tenancy Cleaning

Different people have different stories on cleaning services.  Many have had good experiences while have had woeful tales. The simple fact is that cleaning services save time if you need cleaning done in a hurry and professionally.  Disputes arise between clients and cleaning services mainly because the two parties did not discuss the terms of engagement properly before starting on the job. Here is how to ensure you get a good cleaning service.

Compare and contrast

There are many cleaning services offering good discounts with very attractive brochures, but which deliver less than expected. It is advisable to compare several before making a choice. Take 3 to 5 services to work with, eliminate and leave 2 for a final decision.

Ask about licensing and insurance

If you are allowing strangers into a home full of pricey stuff, it would be good to know that you can trust them. Asking for a license will give you something to follow up on in case stuff goes missing. There are better chances of your items getting replaced if breakage occurs when an insured cleaning service is on the job.

Have a clear checklist

What do you want done by the cleaning service? Is it general cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or spring cleaning? Most cleaning services will have a checklist for different kinds of jobs. Go over the checklist and agree on tasks to be done. It is also advisable to ask about off-limit tasks which are those that the cleaning service won’t touch, for example, repair jobs.

Agree on costs

Agree on who is responsible for cleaning materials. Cleaning crews will usually come to the site fully loaded with equipment and material, but it is good to get clarifications on anything else needed for the job.

Agree on supervision

Is your presence required during the cleaning? The end of tenancy cleaning service would not usually have a problem with your presence. If you need to keep an eye on things you can be around for any special instructions.

Special needs

Any additional information like the presence of kids and pets should be availed. The cleaning crew should also be informed of anyone who suffers allergies so that they can decide on the products to use.

Give space

Cleaning services are professionals who know more about cleaning than you do. Micromanaging their tasks will cause resentment and a poorly done job. Let them do their job. Any special instructions should be on the checklist and mentioned before the cleaning job starts.