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Category: London Cleaning

It is important to do a London Tenancy Cleaning as it not only ensures you get back all of your security deposit, but it’s also an effective way of meeting responsibilities in the tenancy agreement. You want to ensure that any damage that occurred during your stay is repaired. Of course, the cheapest way to do end of tenancy cleaning is to do it yourself. Start by giving yourself plenty of time. You should also call the landlord and get a checklist of the final inspection. This is what you will base your work on.

At a bare minimum, the following areas should be cleaned if you are to pass the final inspection.

Living room

This room is often filled with bookshelves and decorations. Make sure you clean all of the cupboards, cabinets, coffee table, bookshelves, TV set etc. Most of the work will involve dusting and vacuuming. Due to multiple awkward surfaces and items, cleaning the living room will take a while.


Start by emptying out all of the shelves and cupboards then removing any deposits or crumbs. Pull out the appliances and clean the floors beneath them. Don’t forget to clean the appliances themselves, including the dishwasher filter and washing machine soap tray. Clean the fridge, switch it off at the mains and leave its doors open to prevent growth of mould.


The sink, bathtub, tiles, toilet and any other accessories in your bathroom should be cleaned. Make sure you clear the plug holes and drains from debris to allow for free waterflow. Remove soap scum, limescale buildup as well as mould from the metallic surfaces.


Clean the inside and outside of your windows using alcohol and vinegar. Make sure that you replace any cracked window panes.

Curtains and blinds

Following the washing instructions to clean the curtains and dust the curtain rods. If there are any fabric blinds in the property, dust them as well. If your house has venetian blinds, dust both sides of the slats and repair any damage.


Vacuum the furniture and use a dry wash solution to wash it. You want to ensure that the upholstery looks pristine and doesn’t have any odor, hair or smell. If you don’t have time or expertise to clean the upholstery, you can hire a steam cleaning service to take care of it. Look for any scratches or scuff marks on the wooden furniture. Almonds and coffee grounds will do a great job of masking the damage. You can apply lemon oil or wood polish for a dazzling finish.