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About Us

Hi, I’m Roschelle and I author this blog to share with readers my daily perspective about events in my life and the world around me. If there were one word to describe what this blog represents I guess that word would be “me”.

* I recently invited someone to join me on this journey as a contributing author of this blog. Learn more about him here. Thus far, I’ve not been disappointed. Our backgrounds are very similar. However, we are unique and complicated individuals. We are almost as different as we are alike regarding many things and that’s what makes having his voice all the more interesting. 

In keeping true to form of the characteristics of a Sagittarius woman, I can be tactless and flat one minute. Redeeming myself only by cleaning it up nicely with something that charms your socks off the next.

I choose to think I’m more of the latter.

I write. Therefore, I am. The quote I used to describe myself on the home page is one I borrowed from Isaac Kelly. Thanks, Isaac. Like Isaac, I believe writing is an avenue to achieving immortality but immortality isn’t what I’m seeking. I understand that all things must end. Nevertheless, the freedom to express yourself candidly and honestly, is a freedom I revere. So, I blog…and blog….and blog.

In the reality we call the ‘real world’, I’m a registered nurse. I’ve concentrated most of my career in the field of emergency medicine – spending some time working in pediatrics, orthopedics, and home health care.

Aside from my writing here, I’ve also written for  Suite101Searchwarp.comEzineArticles and Helium. I love opportunities to guest post and to have others guest post here. If you’re interested in either, drop me a line here or here.

I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades and slowly but surely becoming a master at every one of them! I started blogging in 2004 with little enthusiasm…which I later obtained almost to the point of obsession in 2007 during the presidential campaign. I blogged fanatically about all things politics. And yes, once that was over I was left with absolutely nothing to talk about.

So, this time…I’ve remedied that problem by talking about everything – life, love, blogging, news, politics, culture, parenting, divorce (oh, what a wretched creature that one is), religion…you name it and you just might find it here.

I have two beautiful sons and a very loving family. As a newly divorced and swiftly approaching 40 years young woman, my goals in life have definitely changed from those I had 20 years ago. So join me as often as you’d like as I embark upon this journey with tales of the most beautiful and bizarre story I’ve ever encountered…not so different from the stories many of you have had or will have but unique in that this story is my own.