February 18, 2013

"Life Is But a Dream" put me to sleep and.....

I had no idea Beyoncé Knowles (Carter) was coming out with a self produced documentary chronicling [in an extremely monotone and superficial way] what it's like to be, who else, Beyoncé. The documentary included no interviews of other family members. I mean this extremely successful entertainer has a mother, father, sister, husband, former Destiny's child group members, and others in her inner circle that we're oblivious of that could have shared a more real world account of what it's been like for her, at least through their eyes. She thanked her family members for certain things they'd given her. Her mother for tirelessly praying for her and being there for her. Her father for teaching her the shrewdness required to be a no nonsense business woman and her insatiable drive to achieve her goals and dreams.

Still when she spoke of her father there was a hint of sadness in her voice. Their split was a lot messier than the "daddy-it's-time-for-me-to-grow-up-and-make-my-own-decisions" that she attempted to pawn off on the millions (I'm sure) that viewed her documentary.

I won't spend a lot of time on Beyoncé. I would hate for anyone to mistake me being nosey and having nothing else to blog about this morning for a fanatical Bey lover obsessed with her every move - NOT!. One thing that I did notice was how she looked directly into the camera and spoke with such conviction, emotion and candidness........until the little exert about the rumors about her using a surrogate to carry her and Jay-Z's baby was brought up. Her eyes diverted left....then right...rarely did she look into the camera. All tell tell signs of deception. Does she think she'll lose her legion of fans simply because she chose to use a surrogate. They're not the only couple who've used this as an option, if this is truly the case.

I enjoyed my pregnancies but if I had the hush money to pay off an incubator.... I can't say that I wouldn't have done it too. Honey you can have these swollen ankles, full bladder, big(ger) nose and post-baby body...that it takes more than 4 weeks to be absolutely perfect again...if you were perfect in the first place.

I enjoyed your performances Beyoncé. You're a dynamic entertainer....but your documentary was just more hype and exposure..... .....

oh...but the baby was cute :-))