February 26, 2013

Just Not Enough Time in a Day

I was just mentioning earlier today how I'll have to invest in a backpack pretty soon if things continue to go as they have over the last several weeks. I'm settling into school quite nicely. Some days I hate to drag out of bed, turn the computer on, do a bit of reading, answer a question, respond in a discussion thread, log back off and crawl back under the warm fuzzy cover.


Then I think to myself "kid you must be crazy - your classroom is either in your living room or on your lap. What more can you ask for?". The only thing I can think of is T I M E. I want to goof around on Facebook all day. I want to watch the Chopped marathon on FOOD Network. I want to read my favorite blogs. I want to see what the latest gossip is...but I just don't have the time.

Although advancing my studies in the field of nursing has been made more convenient via online studies. I still have to study. So, I might not be around as much...but I'm still here.

I've just finished my first course (with an A!) and will be tackling TWO this session...which starts next week. Wish me luck and I'll holler at you guys when I can.