February 07, 2013

C'mon Bey....Shudder Speed Can Be Hell On Someone Even as Gorgeous As You....Get Over It!

Okay, I'm not going to sweat Bey too much for this (cause all chicks hate to take ugly pics). I mean I always have to take, retake, grab someone else's phone and approve or disapprove of my pics before they post. So, in a sense I do feel her pain. But this phenomenal woman has got to realize that even though she's drop dead gorgeous, thanks to genetics and a little help from friends Dr. 90210, every now and then she's going to be captured in a not so flattering pose, facial expression, etc.

The difference is her and the average camera hog, like me, is the fact that she has thousands of gorgeous ones plastered EVERYWHERE!

She jiggles, pumps it up, drops it low and shakes it like no one I've seen in years. Let's face it the girls got talent.

Don't smush the baby!!!!!
An angelic voice, a gorgeous body (doesn't look like she ever carried a baby ) *hint* *hint*

I think the idea of her publicist wanting popular blogs and other websites to remove unflattering pics captured of her during her Super Bowl Half Time Performance is a bit much.

One thing's for sure

they are

funny as hell....lol

She doesn't seem to mind the provactive poses and glamorous facial shots she took in the latest edition of Gentlemen's Quarterly....

C'mon Bey...take one (or a few)  for the team. Prove to the world and your legions of fans that you can take an ugly pic too (every blue moon)

And for goodness sake....let's not bring up that nose issue again.