January 25, 2013


[Tinu tinu teyin teyin ni labalaba fi nyin Olorun]

This is a Nigerian proverb. Translated it means "It is with its whole being that a butterfly praises God"

It's amazing how busy I've already been this year regarding my life list. Karaoke last night. Roses en route to my mom (I ordered them this morning). I've been so busy I almost forgot to share my Labalaba (butterfly) with you.

I wanted the butterfly to be my third tatt because of what this beautiful creature symbolizes. I was moving into my post divorce new home and decided to purchase a few decorative props for my entertainment center. I found an item that had the most beautiful colors - vibrant crimson reds, creams, copper, and green. The sales clerk drew my attention to the butterflies throughout the pattern (I'm terrible about details). When I told her it was for my new home. She went on to share with me how the butterfly is symbolic of new beginnings, new birth, transformation - a resurrection.

Those words spoke to me that day. I was no longer sleeping in the protective confines of a cocoon. I was starting fresh. A new creation with nothing beneath my wings but wind and the prayers of friends and family.

And I'm still soaring....

Do you have a life list?