January 10, 2013

Guess Who's Going to School?

A few years back (wow, how time flies) I decided to take part in Rosetta's Reset Your Life Challenge. On day 9, I bit the bullet and started networking with an admissions advisor with one of the many online universities. I was set and ready. OK. Fast forward to nearly two years later (kicking myself because I would have been nearly finished by now) and I'm finally enrolled in my first class.

I'm excited. scared. optimistic. overwhelmed. But more than anything... I'm proud. Proud of the fact that I stopped procrastinating, kept my mind focused on achieving this goal, which by the way is on my life list and am finally on my way. I guess all things in their own time.

Besides, 2011 wasn't my best year.

That was the summer I was hospitalized with a serious heart arrhythmia and thought I was going to be going into the light at any moment for nearly 3 months. Being made unmistakably aware of your own mortality has a way of putting many things into perspective. School was not a priority at the time.

Now is the time. Why? Because I trust that I'm being guided by a higher power than me. Someone who knows when to give me that nudge that I often need to make the changes that will benefit me in the long run.

My virtual, yet real, classmates are turning out to be some really cool people. Nurses from all over the country, young old, new grads, those who received their first degree nearly two decades ago (like me)...all coming together for one common purpose.

Stay tuned. I'm sure I'll have lots to share about this experience. Think of me and send prayers and positive vibes this way. I have no doubt. I will be successful but it's always great to have a cheering section in your corner...