January 29, 2013

Everybody Should Live Well

I can't give the internet full credit for connecting me with this beautiful soul. We are step-parents...lol. She and I are the mothers of two young twenty somethingers (new word) trying to find their way in life. Our sons met by chance in the military which aligned the stars that guided our paths to the intersection that we now share.

Little did I know what a true star Bella is. I love her sense of style, her intelligence, confidence and vast knowledge about all things beautiful. Oni Bella is an Artist, Event and Home Stylist, Reluctant Socialite, and purveyor of creative ideas revolving around eclectic style and affordable luxury. She dances on the precipice of real life, seeking to cop little luxurious nuggets of lifestyle from high society to bring back to the masses while juggling home and family, because she believes everyone should have the opportunity to live well.

She’s quick on her feet, bold, cultured, yet, sometimes quirky, doing it all while wearing a ball gown (or Uggs and leggings) and her beloved Converse, with her trusty iPhone and a tube of Dior lip gloss tucked safely in her bra.

She’s the homegirl you love to kick it with and yet, she is always a lady; casting disapproving glances at loud cell phone talk and other such rudeness, she’s a little bit goofy and often geeky, but always about her business. She’s the good idea fairy, she’s always smiling, she’s your most elegant and artistic friend.

She is Onibella and she can’t wait to bring a little extra fabulousness to your life.