December 21, 2012

Sandy Hook......

"In the arms of the angels, fly away from here......."

Every since my health scare back in 2011 there are certain things my heart simply reacts to in an unhealthy way – palpitations…chest heaviness. Call it a super sensitive heart, anxiety, paranoia or all three… I just can’t do it. Couldn’t bring myself to watch not ONE newscast regarding the shooting.
I accidentally saw photos of some of the “victims” – why God – on Facebook but never lingered more than a few moments. Who could imagine in a thousand millenniums that sending their first graders off to school was the equivalent to sending them to the “showers”, the executioner’s bullseye… their deaths….
Assault rifles have no place in society. Period. Mental health issues need to stop being swept under the rug! I’m tired of the killing too.
Every death is senseless but the killing of these babies, I think… I hope …. I pray, will force our law makers to change some things.
The right to bear an assault rifle isn’t a freedom I mind relinquishing.