December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Well although it's still on my bucket list and I most certainly plan on making my dream a reality, it won't be this year. Alas, I'll ring 2013 in just like I've rang in 2012, 2011, 2010 and... well you get the picture - right here in the confines of my cozy humble abode.

I do have a dear friend that arrived in NYC a few days ago. Every pic she's posted on Facebook, thus far, gives me the impression that she's freezing her arse off...but what I wouldn't give to be suffering from frostbite right beside her Monday night as the countdown begins. I wonder if it will be the same as I remember from years gone by. Ryan Seacrest isn't one of my faves. The network tried to slip him in last year as onlookers gawked and heard the change in our ol' faith infinite teenager, Dick Clark.

 I mean what's New Year's Eve in the middle of Timesquare without Dick Clark.

Thank goodness I'm an optimist. I know my moment in the middle of that insanity is coming. Shivering with excitement, Heart pounding as that glowing orb starts to descend.

I will have my moment. But until then.....

Happy New Year everyone (wherever you are!!)