December 19, 2012

Apocalyptic To Do List

I've been fascinated, intrigued, even somewhat panicked by the 12/21/2012 date since I heard about the Mayans, their calendar and all the doomsday hoopla that goes along with it.

It seems that people, for the most part, have three takes on it. First the Christian/religious view point is that no MAN knows the day or the hour. So, it's totally ludicrous to them.

Then there's the second theory - it could be and more than likely is true. They're busying themselves stockpiling food, water, supplies and "weapons". I suppose they plan to kill whatever doesn't die when Earth disintegrates.

Finally, the third theory, held by many...... "who cares?" If it's the end, it's just the end. Everything except a circle and numbers has a stopping point, right. So, let's throw a party and go out with a BANG!

What are your thoughts? Let's make it more fantastical than what you merely think.

For the sake of imagination, thought, and cause I'm bored, consider for a moment that the Mayans were right, how would you spend Friday morning - fearful, calm, prayerful, unchanged, sorrowful. What would you do on the day that would truly be our last?