October 30, 2011

When You're Afraid to Love (Excerpts from the writings of David Hammond)

Love makes you vulnerable, but that's the beauty of it. The sum of the pain, uncertainty and potential all wrapped up together is like a kid opening a gift Christmas morning.

....My intent on conversing with you is to awaken these desires and to spark the conversation of appreciation of the simple most astounding gift given to man. LOVE. Though we use the word often, many of us don't do it because we've resigned ourselves to a time of life when things didn't work out. We've got to find courage to venture again.

People don't know how to love, and when they see it's residue they envy it. Sometimes to a point of jealousy. I'm not afraid to express, I will live and that's my declaration. No more trapping what's inside for the sake of settling. I want it in it's fullness and I will have it. Hopefully some will learn to engage without reservation and if rejected still love themselves sooo much that they will see that the other has lost what was most precious.

I now live to laugh and interact with others in a more balanced way. Everybody's not in that place, but I am at this point in my life and I enjoy it. I almost died the other way and now that I'm out of the box, I don't plan on returning.

- David