February 21, 2011

Sorry Guys... Beyonce and Her "Black Face" Don't Offend Me

The net is abuzz... I mean ABUZZ about French magazine L'Officiel's photo spread of Beyonce for their 90th birthday issue. In the shoot, which is a tribute to musician-activist Fela Kuti, the pop songstress’s skin will be darkened. (She volunteered.) But only on the inside of the magazine will readers see Beyoncé with the new skin tone.

Guys... let me just tell ya - FOLKS ARE PISSED. You can check out several viewpoints here, here, here and here. For some it's a painful reminder of the infamous vaudeville blackface that stereotyped, belittled and ridiculed blacks in the early 1900s.


These photos are far more offensive and speak volumes about what some think it takes in THIS society to make it -

From African Queen to Mattel Barbie!!!