January 15, 2011

Reset Your Life Day 9: Do One Thing

As many of you know, I'm participating in the Reset Your Life exercise over at Happy Black Woman. Don't let the name of this blog fool you. Rosetta has a message for everyone. She's all inclusive. She just happens to be a black woman... and I guess it goes without saying but I'll say it any way.... a very happy black woman.

I've managed to make it to Day 9 of my 31 day self discovery project. And today the task was to do one thing. I knew when I read the title there had to be more to it than that. I mean seriously, we do hundreds - maybe thousands of things in a 24 hour period. What one thing could I do that would be worthwhile or meaningful enough to help me change my life for the better, for good. One thing that would be personally significant to me and me achieving my ideal life.

In choosing this one thing, three criteria had to be met:

  • something I've been procrastinating on for a long time
  • something that terrifies me the most
  • something that inspires me the most
I knew immediately what my one thing would be - ridding myself of some excess baggage I've been holding on to for way too long. The only problem with that was the action had to be tangible and measurable.

Emotionally releasing someone is difficult. But there's no way I could make something so internal tangible or measurable for anyone but me. Still, the release had to occur. And it did.


In staying true and on point with the exercise, I took it a step further and did another one thing.

Back in July I compiled a life list. A bucket list. (click the sunflower in the sidebar to check it out). #14 on my list is to obtain my master's degree in nursing. Well.... today I applied for admissions at an online university in their Baccalaureate Nursing program! From there I can fast track my way to receiving my MSN/MBA.

It's been 16 years since I attended college .... and I am stoked!!!

I think ....

And there you have it ...  my ONE THING