July 23, 2010

My Life List - Transforming thoughts into actions...

I've starred in numerous roles in the past forty years - infant...child...school girl...college woman...mother...nurse...friend...even enemy to some. Each phase teaching me...molding me....creating the unique individual I am today.

Throughout this journey I've waited patiently for the day I would feel like a full fledged adult....the day I stop dreaming and become satisfied with what is....the day I finally accomplish everything I set out to do all those years ago when I first proudly proclaimed "When I grow up I want to......."

It wasn't until I read Karen Walrond's mighty life list that I realized the only finality in life is the day you close your eyes for the last time. Until then...the world is my oyster. I can achieve anything in life I want because I have that freedom.

To keep in step with this awesome revelation...I decided to compile my own mighty life list. Like the person who inspired Karen to start her list said....writing it down can be transformative...just the act of putting pen to paper...or in this case blogging about it gives those dreams of all the things I want to do in my life substance...no longer are they just thoughts.

My list of 50+ things I want to do before I go - I plan to mark through items as I accomplish them and add new ones as I continue to discover me!!

1. Visit Paris with the man I love

2. Start and finish a 5K run

3. Visit Elmina Castle

4. Attend a professional ball game with my sons   3/14/11 Memphis Grizzlies v. L.A. Clippers

5. Learn at least one ballroom dance (waltz, foxtrot...whatever)

6. Visit the Grand Canyon

7. Be in Times Square on New Year's Eve when the ball drops

8. Vacation in Bora Bora

9. Learn to bake cakes from scratch

10. Eat lunch at Tavern on the Green  September 2005

11. Tour the White House

12. Visit my father's grave

13. Take my mother to Hawaii

14. Obtain a Master's Degree

15. Dip my feet into the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

16. Take Jacob to Disneyland

17. Visit Mexico

18. Float across the sky in a hot air balloon

19. Tread water

20. Make peach preserves

21. Eat a hotdog and drink beer in the legendary Yankee Stadium 2006

22. See a play on Broadway 2005 and 2006 Mama Mia & The Color Purple

23. Eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde's  March 16, 2015

24. Give my mother a dozen red roses because I love her January 26, 2013

25. Sing karaoke in public  January 25, 2013 Karaoke @ Kepler's

26. Gamble in Las Vegas

27. Reach and maintain my ideal weight (150lbs) - 20lbs away

28. Attend an opera

29. Read one book a month for a year

30. Spend one Christmas Day helping the needy

31. Get my 3rd tattoo while my mother gets her 1st January 23, 2013 **still waiting on mom**

32. Invest in a great camera and try my hand at photography  [8-4-2010]

33. Build a snowman

34. Visit a paintball park with my son

35. Eat sushi  Spicy Salmon Roll @ Yamato's Japanese Steakhouse 6/16/2011 DELISH!!!

36. Have an article published in a famous publication

37. Go snorkeling

38. Sleep under the stars

39. Kiss my first grandchild

40. Find my soul mate

41. Go fishing and catch a fish

42. Take a spur of the moment road trip with no actual destination

43. Learn Spanish and be able to communicate it fluently or well enough

44. Gamble in Atlantic City

45. Visit Stonehenge

46. Make love outside (in the rain preferably but sunny weather will do) Don't you wanna know :)

47. Visit Canada

48. Go on a hayride

49. Change a flat tire

50. Learn to play tennis - Thanks Patricia Tate!!!!

51. Complete this list!