June 29, 2010

My Favorites

Although I haven't accomplished what many would label a killer post, I still have a few that are real jewels in my mind's eye. It's a pretty good list. Check them out and/or view the archives for even more

Complete Randomness and Reflection

2009 - Year in Review Meme

What's At The End

Getting Acquainted With Mortality

January 10, 1982 - Anything is Possible

My Mama Visited Me Today

Race and Culture

The Black Frame of Mind

I Once Was A Racial Profiler

So What Do You Want To Be Called? - Hurry Up and Make Up Your Mind!

The Promissory Note

Harry Reid - You Sho Is Done Cooked Yo Goose Wit Me

The Ole Miss Rebels - Same Words...Uglier Mascot,/a>

Acting White

I Am Not Afrocentric - I Am A Black Woman

Sorry Guys - Beyonce and Her "Black Face" Don't Offend Me


King David

When You're Afraid to Love (Excerpts from the writings of David Hammond)

Sharing is Hard to Do

I Choose Me

Violence Unsilenced

Nursing and ER Stories

Bandaids, Stethescopes and My Nine

The Eyes - Sometimes Uninviting Windows to the Soul

Open Letter To Prospective Emergency Room Patients

I Was Attacked by a Grandmother

Life As A Parent

What Do You See When You See My Child?

My Son's Such a Liar

The Tender Years

So If This Ends Badly....

Mommy Issues

Why I Watch You Sleep


Blog Honesty - Are You Guilty of Self-Censorship

5 Ways to Utilize Your Blogging Down Time

Keeping Your Blog Posts Readily Accessible


I Graduated With Tyrone Biggums...WTF!

Sometimes There Aren't Words...But I'll Try

Garden Gnomes and Grave Diggers Be Warned

Just Kick Yo Feet

Yesterday Was The Beginning At The End

The Truth About Cougar Sex

Camille Paglia - You Need to Get Laid

Not Feeling Tingly Down There Anymore?

Ladies...Eat Now or Starve Later


The P is For Philanderer Not PIMP!

Mel Gibson Should Be A Rapper

Street Credit - Ride or Die With T.I...No Thanks

Where's My Damn Soap Box!

Charlie Sheen - My 2 Cents


If You Thought Burning Bras Was Awesome, Try Burning Your Thong!

Suffer For The Sake of His Fragile Ego

Attack of The Bimbo Journalist


That Ain't The Lord Speaking To Ya