June 29, 2010

I Asked. I Received...and I Rocked - Subjectively Speaking!

Back in November I stumbled across a terrifying interesting blog. Ask & Ye Shall Receive is a unique entity dwelling on a hill all alone in this place we call the blogosphere. If I allow my mind to visualize the blogosphere as a real life community...with houses, picket fences, neighborhood convenience stores and all that other real life stuff, the AAYSR blog would be that one house that's been talked about for years....

The one place that was so mysteriously delightful only the bravest community members dared go there...and when they did...none ever came back the same.

AAYSR is written by a group of characters who've blogged for quite some time and are head over heels in love with writing.

In their own words....since they can explain their mission a hell of a lot better than I can:

Think of us as the most benevolent dominatrixes you have ever encountered, with really great boots and a thin whippy riding crop. We want to help you help yourself. We want to make you better, not bitter. We want you (well, some of you) to succeed. We are hopeless blog-addicts, and it amuses the bejeezus out of us to find good new blogs. Seriously. So, try not to suck.

Submitting your blog for review is totally voluntary and shouldn't be taken lightly. In other words, you might wanna sleep on it before you decide to enter the house on the hill. Once you do there's no turning back.

The last question you're asked before you submit your blog for review is.... Feeling brave? And since bravery is nothing more than not being afraid to be afraid....

I submitted my blog back in November of last year....had completely forgotten about it, of course....until I received an email the other day that stated...simply:

You asked. You are .....or something like that... I followed the link and there I was front and center....

I could feel this huge lump swelling in my throat...for I had seen....with my own eyes....some of their reviews...like this one or this one or even this one. (please God....give me the strength to take whatever these guys have said light-heartedly, open-mindly, and without any thoughts of running my car off into an icy pond thoughts of hunting them down like dogs and ambushing them one by one shame)

I'll let you read their review of me for yourself here.  Now after reading that some may wonder what in the hell I meant in the title of this post by claiming to have rocked..... If that question enters your mind at all, obviously you didn't take the time to read the other reviews I linked to in this post.

I don't want to misrepresent these guys...cause I think they're awesome. Occasionally there have been blogs that have received really awesome reviews.....who knows...you could be the next one...

Feeling brave?


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