June 29, 2010

Camille Paglia, You Need To Get Laid!!!

The implication is that a new pill, despite its unforeseen side effects, is necessary to cure the sexual malaise that appears to have sunk over the country. But to what extent do these complaints about sexual apathy reflect a medical reality, and how much do they actually emanate from the anxious, overachieving, white upper middle class? - Camille Paglia

I would like to take this opportunity to give the creator of these words a big fat WTF!!!

Camille Paglia, an Op-Ed Contributor for the NYTimes, published an article recently about the prospects of a new female Viagra, flibanserin. This drug is for women with low libido. The FDA rejected an application to market the drug in the U.S. but endorsed the potential benefits and urged further research.

I'm curious as to what sexual malaise Ms. Paglia has reference to and will this medical reality only be made manifest if it's welcomed by anxious, overachieving, white upper middle class.

A description I'm sure the white upper middle class would offer up a hearty eff you too lady to Ms. Paglia!

Ms. Paglia spanned the gamet on this one...from Victorian prudery to society in America today...a media environment drenched in sex.

The more I read...the more I became aware of how angry this chick is...and the only reason I can fathom is ....she needs to get laid rapido!

Referring to middle class men of today as cogs in a domestic machine commanded by women...who by the way are nothing more than super-managers of a complex operation focused on the care and transport of children. (Seriously, what has she been smoking?)

Oh...but it gets better. The article offers up more reasoning as to why sex is dead and can't be revived at her house in today's society -

Nor are husbands offering much stimulation in the male display department: visually, American men remain perpetual boys, as shown by the bulky T-shirts, loose shorts and sneakers they wear from preschool through midlife. The sexes, which used to occupy intriguingly separate worlds, are suffering from over-familiarity, a curse of the mundane. There’s no mystery left.

I can't ever recall living in a separate world from the male species. And there's nothing mundane about a fine male specimen. Hell, if you listen to her, the male physique is shrouded in the very mystery she claims no longer exists.

Heaven only knows what pleasant surprises await an excited and stimulated woman underneath those bulky T-shirts, loose shorts and.....well let's skip the sneakers. (unless you prefer your man dressed like this)

didn't think so...

Wait! There's more -

Furthermore, thanks to a bourgeois white culture that values efficient bodies over voluptuous ones, American actresses have desexualized themselves, confusing sterile athleticism with female power. Their current Pilates-honed look is taut and tense — a boy’s thin limbs and narrow hips combined with amplified breasts. Contrast that with Latino and African-American taste, which runs toward the healthy silhouette of the bootylicious BeyoncĂ©.

Is it me or does this sister just really not like white people? And how the hell does she know what my taste is!!! You'd damn well better value an efficient body! Those overly voluptuous ones are dropping like flies every day....ever heard of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension...yeah Miss Thang Ms. Paglia...that's what being bootylicious can get ya...

I'll never be a boy's skinny with narrow hips...the genes won't allow for that. But her supposition that athleticism...i.e. Pilates....and not anorexia desexualizes the female body is insanity!

I'm certainly not a professor of humanities and media studies at the University of the Arts like Camille...but I am an American HIGHLY sexual woman creature who was appalled while reading this garbage.

Mired in with all her insults was a big shout out to Victoria's Secret lingerie. It seems that multiracial lower-middle-class and working-class patrons have a greater affinity for this racy lingerie. She did manage to ever so subtly bunch the white middle class in with these miscreants. Apparently, the fact that Victoria's Secret lingerie is sold in suburban shopping malls, which otherwise trend toward the white middle class, establishes some commonality between these classes of people. .

Maybe it's just me but this op-ed pissed me off, royally! I couldn't find a section to comment there. So, I brought this dirty laundry home to air it myself!

What do you think?

I'm with Snoopy....BITCH PLEASE!!!!!

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