January 25, 2010

The P is for Philanderer NOT Pimp

Fans at the Australian Open decided to take a shot at Tiger Woods in light of the recent revelation of all his extra extra extra marital affairs.

The crowd held signs reading I've Been With Tiger and also displayed the poster sized pic on the left. The large purple hat with a sceptor in his hand instead of a golf club, a gaudy diamond bracelet, and money sticking out of his pocket give me reason to believe they are insinuating that Tiger's a pimp.

Sorry folks but you seem to have it twisted. A pimp is someone who procures customers for whores. Tiger slept with the whores himself which would make him most definitely an adulterous philanderer but not even close to pimp status.

I certainly wish Tiger and his family the best. To err is human; to forgive is divine.

If Elin decides not to forgive, I hope she gets every single million she and their children deserves. Betrayal is a terrible thing. And I'm most definitely ON HER SIDE. Regardless to what was going on....he was wrong!

As for these other nitwit, judgment passing fair weather fans....if you can get past Brad Pitt and his extramarital affair with his current main squeeze, Miss Global-Humanitarian-husband-stealing Angelina Jolie, or Kobe Bryant's escapades with a 19 year old hotel employee, or home wrecking Lee Ann Rimes, or late night cheater - David Letterman, or Woody Allen leaving his wife of unkteen years for HIS DAUGHTER, or Sen. Larry Craig soliciting another dude for sex in a public bathroom, or the Bill and Monica fiasco, or the forgive-me-father-I-have-sinned Jimmy Swaggart....then give this guy a break too!!

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