October 19, 2009

Just Another Blog Title

Did the title confuse you? Forget for a moment that this is just another blog. Clear your mind of the idea that you'll find something here today that's going to change the way you do anything in life. Let all your expectations of me and my ability to teach, inspire, entertain, or amuse fly out the window......Now that you expect nothing and have no hopes of finding anything meaningful out of this post....Let's talk candidly...shall we?

Thousands of blog authors spend hours telling you all their secrets to achieving success. Great headlines this. Keyword optimization that. If you attempt to process and apply everything you read regarding blogs, blogging, how to blog, how not to blog....you'll end up pulling your hair out - one strand at a time. I've listened to the pros, formulated some of my own techniques, and even flown by the seat of my pants when it comes to this phenomenon called blogging. Spending countless hours with my laptop tethered to my finger tips has taught me just a few things about blogging and achieving success along the way.

To measure your success as a blogger ask yourself these questions

1. Am I having fun
2. Have I established true relationships with my readers and fellow bloggers
3. Do I spend enough time with my RL (real life) family and friends
4. Is my blog a reflection of who I really am
5. Do I understand that my chances of making a living from my blog are slim to none

If your answers are yes, you are well on your way to successful blogging. Now let's look at the flip side of the equation.

1. Do you feel disappointed or discouraged when your blog's traffic is low
2. Are you advertising items on your blog that you wouldn't use yourself
3. Have you ever copied material from other blogs in an attempt to drive traffic to your site
4. Do you neglect RL obligations to blog
5. Is having a popular blog the most important aspect of blogging

If your answers are yes, you're definitely missing the point.

Blogging is a great hobby. It's one of the best forms of stress relief I've discovered in a long time. Of course, I'd love to reach as many people as I possibly can. But that's not what's MOST important. Making sure that I don't lose ME along the way is the MOST important.

My blog is an extension of me. And if people feel that when they visit....then I've achieved what this blog's theme is all about....blogging tips, opinions about life, work and play - a hodgepodge of wonderful things.

Because when all is said and done....this is "Just Another Blog"

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