October 20, 2009

Buying Network Marketing Leads

When I tell you I'm a jack of all trades believe me. A few years back I joined a network marketing company. I attended all the meetings, participated in the hour long weekly conference calls and bought all the products! I sold to everybody in my family and even adopted a few orphans to parade around at meetings I hosted to show "prospects" how great this company's children's products were. Okay, I'm kidding but I was really into this program...hook, line and sinker! And boy did I almost sink...

Everyone's experience in network marketing is different. Unless you get in on the ground floor or are the braintrust behind these get-rich-quick schemes you'll wind up dead broke and won't even remember how it happened.

One of the greatest expenses (besides buying a house full of products) I incurred was buying leads.

Online leads brokers peddle and promise you (for an affordable rate) an unlimited list of people who are dying for an opportunity that only YOU can give them.

If you're considering network marketing, please read this article about purchasing leads. Make sure you research the company you've been approached about joining. Sites like the Better Business Bureau, Scam.com, and RipOffReport.com are great places to start your research.

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