September 27, 2009

Blogging 101 Tip

It's Magic...or Is it?

Ever wondered how some links open in a new window while others take you away from the site you're on completely?

If you've been a webmaster any length of time you probably already know this little secret. But for those of you who don't here it is.

When creating links within a post you have to type a bit of html code that looks like this

a href="".

Of course, the code begins with "<" and ends with ">"

So the actual entire link would look like this

*a href=""*Inconsequential Logic*/a*
Make sure to substitute the * for the symbol < at the beginning of the link and > to close the link or after the URL. Then use the < symbol again in front of the /a and the symbol > directly after the /a. 

Well to create a link that opens in another window which keeps your visitors on your site longer simply add a few lines of html to the link so that it looks like this

a href="" target="_blank".

Make sure to include the "<" and ">" at the beginning and end of the link as you've always done.

Click both links to view the difference




The first link takes you away from this site completely (hope you made it back) while the second link opens a new window for your viewing pleasure!

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