October 05, 2009

5 Ways to Utilize Your Blogging Down Time

You've chosen the perfect template.  The quality of your content is superb. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Your blog is an official bonafide presence in the blogosphere. Now it's time to bring on the visitors! So, you wait...and wait...and wait....and wait. Nothing! Don't be discouraged. Here's a few things you can do with your time that will keep you from suffering the same fate as ^^ this poor guy!

1. Post and GO! - After the research, the outlining, the grammatical corrections and other editing that should take place before you publish a post are done, walk away. Sitting glued to your chair clicking the refresh button 25,000 times isn't helping you. Traffic will come. It make come at a slower pace than you'd like but it will happen

2. Visit other blogs - I rarely ever close my homepage tab which of course is my blog. However, I minimize it and spend time visiting other blogs. Staying informed about what's going on in your blogging niche is a great way to keep your ideas fresh. Commenting and building a rapport with other blogs can get your superb content noticed quickly. It gives you a voice in the blogging community

3. Start working on your next post - There's nothing like staying ahead of the game. If you have extra time on your hands, don't spend it circling your computer doing the latest rain dance chant hoping that will drive people your way....use the time to crank out other posts. You might find yourself too busy to post one of these days. Having ammo in the arsenal is always a good idea

4. Take a walk - Grab your notepad and camera and head out for some much deserved exercise. Those who take blogging seriously spend a considerable amount of time at their computers. And even though your fingers could probably run the New York Marathon in record time, the rest of you needs a good work out too. Camera and notepad are just along in case you come across something interesting and you need to jot it down or snap a quick pic while you're out

5. Feed your pets - You know the ones that have been whining and rubbing against your leg for hours wanting a bite to eat or pleading for attention. This I only mention because I'm guilty of shooing my babies out of my lap when I'm really into my writing. I know...SHAME ON ME!"

We've all grown accustomed to instant gratification. Whether it's microwaveable meals, fast food restaurants, drive thru ATM machines or other snap-your-finger-and it's-done services waiting isn't something we do very well anymore. And like most of you I hate to wait.

Waiting won't be a problem as long as you're productive while you wait.

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