September 17, 2009

Using Post Images to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Do you often use pictures with your posts? Pictures can capture the reader's attention, enhance dramatic effect or just plain tickle your funny bone. If you're like me and enjoy finding the perfect picture to add to your "perfect" post make sure you're allowing that picture to work for you in more ways than one.

I have hundreds maybe thousands of images saved to My Pictures on my computer. Sheer laziness is probably the reason I have so many. It's just easier to search Google images than it is to scroll through the colossal number of images I have stored. Besides, with Google image search, I'm able to type in the exact word or phrase that describes the pic I'm looking for.......Did the light bulb come on yet?

When downloading images to your computer make sure you give them a quality keyword rich name. Don't just save them with the generic name usually offered right before you select the "save as" button.

Naming your images properly populates greater keywords into your post, and also promotes Google Image traffic. The same Google keywords you typed in to find your image may be the very words that link that particular image back to your site.

Make sense?