September 09, 2009

Successful Blogging Tips

If you have a blog it's a given that at some point and time you either have or will find yourself sitting in front of the computer screen staring blankly into nothingness (or at least that's what I call it). Your mind is blank and it's swiftly approaching your allotted time to publish your post for the day.

When this "writer's block" happens - and it will happen - already be prepared. One of the best forms of preparation is pulling quality material out of your reserve. What's a reserve some may ask. It's simply writing posts in advance.

Blogger and probably every other blogging platform provide you with the option of saving your post in draft form until it's ready to be published. It's a great Plan B for those days when your mind's usual creative brilliance has been replaced by an empty steel vault.

The best time to start stockpiling material is now! How you arrive at the material vary from person to person. For me, some of my best posts and articles are written between midnight and sunrise. Insomnia isn't always a curse! Perhaps you find that you're more in the mood to write after breakfast, late afternoon, or whenever - just utilize your internal peak time wisely. You have the ability to set the time and date you'd like your post published which puts you in complete control.

A few other tips for always having fresh quality content are -

1. Google Trends - a list of the hottest Google searches; updated throughout the day

2. Broadcasting Brains - Blog post ideas you can use

3. Ask your visitors questions

4. Keep a track of websites that pick up your articles. Offer them exclusive news or content.

5. (should have come before 4!) - get some articles published. You don't have to be some famous syndicated columnist to KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW. As long as you know that you know start letting others know, Helium, EzineArticles and many more can put your blog on the map. People with other websites/blogs that are looking for quality material to post use article submission sites to find that info. Most of the time the only requirement for using your article is that your bio information (name, something about you and link back to your site) be left in the footer of the article.

* To see how this can really help get your name out there google Roschelle Nelson with or without quotation marks.....I'll wait....see what I mean?

6. (Most important) - Write quality material. It doesn't matter how cute your template is or how fancy your widgets are - great quality written material is what keeps a reader interested

7. And last...but most important, be yourself