September 11, 2009

New Yahoo Meme Unloads on Twitter

Yahoo has launched a new service about a week or so ago that's called Yahoo Meme. Yahoo Meme is a micro-blogging service that aims to make it easy for users to repost content and let it go viral.

Meme is a micro-blogging service from Yahoo that works in a very similar way to Twitter. You may now ask, whats the difference?

  1. Yahoo Meme is very fast and stable
  2. Yahoo Meme makes it very easy to post Video, Music and Photos straight into your stream
  3. Yahoo Meme has really focused on making it easy to re-post items you like, with just 1 click (Viral focused)
Right now it's only open by invitation only. I'm hoping the good folks over at will be cordial enough to send me an invite....

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