September 04, 2009

Is the basement blogger on the verge of extinction

There's been quite a bit of hoopla in the news lately that's drawing some pretty significant attention to the world of blogging and it's not very positive....

First, Rosemary Port was outted (by Google) as the once anonymous blogger who drew national attention over nasty comments made about former Vogue cover girl Liskula Cohen. They've since kissed and made up but the ripple effect caused by this particular case is still being felt.

Just today there are reports surfacing online that Demi Moore is threatening to sue Perez Hilton after she spotted a link on Hilton's blog directing viewers to a set of "inappropriate" pictures of her 15 yr. old daughter Tallulah and the backlash turned tweet war between the two of them is getting say the least...

There's a big storm brewing folks and it's only going to take one landmark ruling (probably from the Highest court in the land) to change the blogosphere into an unrecognizable highly censored nomad's land. Hell, there's even two young men in another country facing 5 year jail sentences for posting a satirical video of donkeys giving a news conference!

Some experts speculate that these recent waves of change in America's attitude about bloggers and blogging indicate a movement toward only allowing professional writers to communicate information. In essence, shutting down the "basement bloggers" - like me (spoken about with such reverence by she who must not be named).

Wait a minute....I don't qualify to blog under the umbrella of our nation's first amendment?! If this freedom is taken away...then what's next? Hell...even flag burning is protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT!

How do YOU think the blogosphere will fair...
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