August 14, 2009

What's at the End...

Have you ever wondered what actually happens once you die? I'm willing to bet everyone of us have thought about it at some point in our existence. The many religions that are practiced in this world all seem to vary in some way or another on where we end up. You've got heaven, hell, purgatory, paradise, paradise with virgins, etc.

I can't even count the times I've attended funerals and heard the words..."I know he/she is in Heaven [blah] [blah]. If this is the case then who's gonna be hanging around on "Judgment Day"? According to what I've been told and read...that's the day and living will be hand picked to gain access into their castle behind the walls of the Pearly Gates or ushered to Hell with a one-way ticket.

As a child, I imagined God coming down from Heaven and setting up his podium and stool (you know like the one's the teachers used in school) on the corner right down the street from my house. In my mind's eye, he was huge...sort of like that 50 foot woman from that cheesy scary movie. He would take his seat behind the podium and as your name was called you would have to walk up to face him.

As he turned to the page in his book with your name on it, everyone's eyes would be glued on you. The silence only broken by God's loud voice revealing all the good and bad you'd done in your life. The 50 cent you stole out of your mom's purse, the time you forged her name on your homework, the kiss you shared in 7th grade with the boy behind the school gym.

Still, all these years's still falls on my mind from time to time. Is there really an eternal resting place? Will I remember or even know my family and friends? Does the world have to end for us to ever get there? Is anyone actually in Heaven right this minute?

Just curious...