August 21, 2009

Importance of Positive Reinforcement

Recently I joined a social network group Positive Thinking for Life. It was more of a way to reconnect with the super cool chick that started the group, Carol King. I met Carol online last year. She's a gifted writer and a truly beautiful person.

After facing the things I've dealt with over the past year...being surrounded by positive energy (online or in real time) certainly couldn't hurt.

Even knowing (first hand)the effects stress and negative thinking can have on your body and mind, I still allowed myself to slip into that deadly trap where the walls are built on hopelessness and the automatic ceiling that mechanically drops lower everyday is composed of 100% helplessness.

It's only when you realize that YOU can rise above this self-made prison and be the person you know exists in there somewhere that you begin to conquer whatever obstacle put you there in the first place.

So, whether it's a family member, friend, social group, spiritual revelation or whatever the case may be...take positive help in any form you can get it....because stress kills...with it's bare hands!


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